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A company aircraft is an important and valuable asset that, when effectively managed, increase productivity and saves time and money. Proper and efficient management of such a valuable asset requires extensive knowledge and experience in the aviation industry.
Liberty Air Management offers complete aircraft management services allowing the business aircraft owner freedom from the everyday concerns of operating a business aircraft. Liberty Air’s “turn-key” operation offers:
· Aircraft Evaluation, Selection and Acquisition
· Professional Flight Crew Selection, Training and Management
· Standardized Company Operations Manuals
· Flight Scheduling and Concierge Services
· Aircraft Maintenance Tracking and Oversight
· Cost Savings Through Discount Fuel and Maintenance Contracts
· Cost Savings Through Leaseback on Liberty Air’s Air Carrier Certificate
Aircraft Management
Liberty Air Management also offers you the opportunity to charter your aircraft through our leaseback program, dramatically offsetting the costs of aircraft ownership.

When your aircraft is placed on our charter certificate, we will aggressively promote it to the charter market.

Our reliable and solid reputation with our clients has been proven with our repeat customer base.

Enjoy all the benefits of ownership and none of the hassles with Liberty Air Management.
Leaseback Revenue Opportunities
Safety is our number one priority. Our flight crews train, and are checked, to the same exacting standards as major airline crews.

In addition to our FAA approved pilot training program, we contract with SimCom Training Centers in Orlando, FL for supplemental training in their FAA Approved Flight Training Devices and Simulators. Safety is our number one priority at Liberty Air Management and we are proud of our accident free safety record.

Liberty Air Management is an ARGUS Gold Rated Operator.
Safety and Training
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